C2C Grant Application Tips

The following tips are provided to help you avoid errors and maximize your likelihood of approval for your C2C Grant Award.

List all Household Members – that live in your residence and include anyone you claim as a dependent on your tax return. Use the C2C Household Member Reference Chart to determine who you can include.

List Your Children – Include all children you claim as dependents, even if they do not live in your residence. Listing your children and providing the required documentation will fulfill the grant requirement of having financial responsibility for a dependent child.

NOTE: Your total household count determines your maximum allowable income. So, by ensuring all household members are listed, you can increase your likelihood of qualifying.

Collect all Required Documentation – you will be required to upload documents to support your dependent children and provide acceptable income documents to support each household member’s income.

Determine What Documents are Acceptable – Use the link provided to familiarize yourself with the documents you’ll need to provide before completing your application. C2C Grant Application – Key Requirements

NOTE: Failing to include complete and acceptable verification documents will cause your application to be rejected, create delays, and result in more work for you.

Suggestion: Obtaining the prior year’s tax return or a year-end tax statement (Form W-2) from each household member will make your job easier. If that is not possible, options are provided for each income type.

Know What to Expect – the C2C Website has a wealth of information to help you in submitting your C2C Grant application. Review the C2C Grant Application Process and C2C Grant Email Notifications to best understand what to expect.

Self-Qualify for the C2C Grant – before applying answer the four qualifying questions in the next section, then use the Income Guidelines Chart to self-qualify your income.

Self-Qualifying for the C2C Grant

The C2C Grant is a needs-based grant awarded exclusively to qualifying C2C Program Participants who meet the qualification guidelines. To see if you may qualify for the C2C Grant, start by determining if you can answer “Yes” to the following four questions then proceed to verify your income meets the guidelines.

  • Are you between the ages of 21 and 59?
  • Are you a Mississippi Resident?
  • Are you a US Citizen?
  • Are you financially responsible for one or more dependent children?
  • Does your Household meet the Income Requirements?  (proceed to the next section)

C2C Grant Household Income Guidelines

Follow the five steps below to determine if your total household income meets C2C Grant Household Income Guidelines.

  1. Determine your household size. Use the Household Member Reference Chart below chart to determine whom to include in your household count.
  2. Determine each household member’s source(s) of income, obtain income documents for all sources, and locate the gross income amount.
  3. Determine the income period reported on each income document and calculate their annual gross income.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for each household member and add each member’s total gross annual income to determine the Total Gross Income for your household.
  5. Reference the income amount corresponding to your household size and compare it to your total income. If your total household income is equal to or below the amount listed, you meet the income guidelines.


NOTE: Gross Income is the total earnings before taxes or other deductions.

Suggestion: Obtaining a prior year’s tax return or a year-end tax statement (Form W-2) from each household member will make your job easier, but the four most recent pay stubs or pay statements are okay.

Updated July 6, 2023

Steps to Self-Qualifying Income

1. Determine your household size.

2. Gather Income documents from all household

3. Calculate the gross household income from all

4. Compare to the amount listed for your household size.

5. Total cannot exceed that listed for your household size.

Household Member – is a federal income taxpayer and any individual who is a joint filer and/or for whom a dependency exemption is claimed by the taxpayer. This can include individuals that may or may not be related by blood or marriage.

Total Gross Income – is your total earnings before taxes and other deductions.

Also Reference:

C2C Household Member Reference chart.

Updated June 20, 2023