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Career Spotlight: Industrial Technician


Industrial Technician jobs are consistently at the top of Mississippi’s list of fastest-growing positions. Careers in this field can range from being an Industrial Mechanic in a manufacturing plant to helping sustain alternate energy in our state as a Wind Turbine Technician. If you are mechanically inclined, consider applying your skills and earned coursework for a degree as an Industrial Technician.  

A whopping 4,440 jobs are expected to open up in the next few years – further highlighting this industry’s job security and growth potential in our state.

While it’s possible to enter into this career without a college-level diploma, you’ll unlock a lot more opportunities and benefits after completing your degree. The positions you’ll qualify for depend on whether you receive a 2 or 4-year degree. Let’s take a deeper look at what it means to be an industrial technician and some advantages that come along with it.

Interested in industrial technology?

Industrial technicians are responsible for keeping manufacturing and industrial facilities operating at peak productivity, efficiency, and safety. In this position, your area of focus could vary from personnel, equipment, and finances – or include all three. You’ll apply engineering strategies to analyze operations, detect inefficiencies, design alternatives, test different possibilities, and implement new solutions.

Typically, an industrial mechanic reports to an industrial engineer to carry out certain tasks according to their instructions. Here are some possible areas of focus you can choose when pursuing a degree as an industrial technician:

  1. Applied Science
  2. Industrial Technology
  3. Industrial Engineering Technology
  4. Construction Technology
  5. Industrial Health


What companies love about industrial technicians

Studying to become an industrial technician doesn’t just give you the bare-minimum technical skills required to qualify for the position. You’ll also be taught how to think in a way that will distinguish you from the rest of the job market. Employers know that candidates with a degree in the field of industrial technology have mastered:

Communication – you’ll be able to effectively communicate problems and solutions to coworkers while also understanding instructions given by employers.

Critical thinking – you’ll be equipped with analytical thinking skills that allow you to solve problems quicker and develop unique solutions.

Math – you’ll be comfortable applying advanced math skills to analyze systems, detect inefficiencies, and design solutions.

Problem-solving – you’ll always be finding new and innovative ways to improve the issues you detect.

Detail-oriented – you’ll have a knack for focusing on the smallest details in order to gain a better understanding overall.

There’s always room for growth

The great thing about this position is its scalability – or the ability to constantly move up. Companies are usually looking to invest in employees who are willing to stay on for the long-haul in exchange for improved wages and benefits. Whether you’re already in the field or are considering it as a potential career path, a degree is the best way forward.

Around 25% of industrial technicians don’t have a college-level education. The basic positions secured with this level of education can easily be advanced with an associate degree, of which roughly 64% of industrial technicians have. After just a few years of studying, you can secure a job at engineering firms, construction companies, manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical companies, public utility companies, and more.

If you are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree as an industrial technician, you can advance your career even further. With a 4-year degree, you can land a position as a production manager, project supervisor, safety coordinator, industrial designer, electronics technician, and cost estimator – just to name a few.

Each step up the ladder leads to a greater number of benefits, a salary boost, and a brighter future. Industrial technicians are in a field with fantastic growth possibilities. It’s never too late to advance your career or blaze an entirely new path with a college degree.

An engaging and active career

As an industrial technician, you won’t be stuck behind a desk for 9 hours a day staring at a computer screen and dealing with back pain. You’ll be up and about, checking on equipment, observing staff members, speaking with employers, and dreaming up solutions. That’s not to say you’ll never find yourself sitting down, but industrial technicians certainly face less downtime than other lines of work.

MS industrial technicians are in demand

Mississippi is seeing a growing demand for many fields and industrial technicians are one of the most sought-after jobs. As mentioned before, a growth rate of 128% and future job prospects reaching in the multiple thousands means excellent opportunities for graduates or current professionals looking to further their careers. Nearly every field that deals with large manufacturing or industrial facilities will need help from future industrial technicians like you – so what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to get ahead of the competition or simply want to scout out the opportunities, you can search for available industrial technician jobs in Mississippi at

Where you can get your industrial technician degree

Whether you’re looking to complete your associate or bachelor’s, there are several universities and community colleges offering relevant degrees for current or aspiring industrial technicians looking to improve their careers. Here are some MS colleges you can turn to:

  1. Mississippi State University
  2. Jackson State University
  3. University of Southern Mississippi
  4. Mississippi Valley State University
  5. Holmes Community College
  6. Mississippi Delta Community College
  7. Copiah-Lincoln Community College


How C2C can help

Fortunately, all of the colleges on that list are participants in the Complete 2 Compete (C2C) program. The C2C program can help adult learners complete their degrees quickly to achieve a brighter future with better job prospects. With a degree, you can rise up the ranks in your current career or venture into a new field – like industrial mechanics, for example.

Work towards a brighter future, today

Mississippi launched the Complete 2 Compete program to help nontraditional students like you complete their desired degree to secure a career path they’ve always dreamed about. Here are the key highlights of the C2C program:

  1. C2C Grant – You’ll receive a grant to complete your college degree with less of a financial burden.
  2. C2C Coach – You’ll have a dedicated college counselor to work alongside you every step of the way – from finding the fastest route to finish your degree all the way to graduation.

Get in touch with C2C today to find out if you’re eligible for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (don’t forget to mention your interest in being an industrial technician).


C2C is a state program that helps Mississippi adults who previously attended college earn a degree and create a brighter future.