Understanding that finances can be a barrier for adult learners, Complete 2 Compete offers the C2C Grant for qualifying students. This grant can be used to pay a past debt at any of our Mississippi public community colleges or universities and assist with expenses for students enrolling through C2C. The C2C Grant totals $500 and is awarded for each qualifying semester. Your C2C Coach will be able to help guide you through the application process if you have questions.

To be considered for the C2C Grant, please complete the following three steps:

  1. Contact and inform your C2C Coach that you would like to be submitted for the C2C grant.
  2. Complete the FAFSA:
  3. Following the specific instructions below, complete the State Aid application:

Deadlines for C2C Grant Application

  • Fall - October 31
  • Spring - March 31
  • Summer - June 30

Renewing your C2C Grant

To be eligible for a renewed C2C Grant, you must continue enrollment without a break in semesters (summer is excluded) and be in good academic standing with the institution. No new or additional paperwork is needed to continue receiving the C2C Grant. Please make sure that your C2C Coach is aware that you want to be considered for the C2C Grant each semester you are enrolled. They will be completing the necessary steps for your consideration for a new term.

Instructions for completing the State Aid application

In order to be flagged as a C2C student, the State Aid application must be completed correctly. The following requirements must be reflected on your application:

  1. Date of Birth
    • Must be at least 21 years old
  2. Are you a U.S. Citizen?
    • Must be a U.S. Citizen and a Mississippi resident
  3. High School Graduation Date
    • Must have graduated high school at least two years prior to the date you complete this application
  4. Have you earned or are you currently enrolled in 12 or more hours?
    • You may answer YES or NO to this question in order to be considered for the C2C Grant.
  5. Have you ever received state aid?
    • You may answer YES or NO to this question in order to be considered for the C2C Grant.
  6. Prior College: "Select the college you are attending/attended Spring 2019. If you were not enrolled Spring 2019, select the college that you last attended prior to Spring 2019."
    • This should be the college you attended more than 24 months ago.
  7. Institutions to attend: “I plan to attend (name of school).”
    • If you answered YES to the prior question “Have you ever received state aid”, you will be required to select BOTH a Fall and Spring institution, even if you are only applying for the Spring term. In this case, please choose the school you are enrolling at for the Spring semester for the Fall institution as well.
    • If you answered NO to the prior question “Have you ever received state aid”, and you are applying in the Spring term for the C2C Grant, you will be allowed to submit only a Spring institution.
  8. “My current classification is” AND “In August/September my classification will be”.
    • Classification can NOT be “Graduate”.
  9. What degree or certificate will you be working on in 2019-20?
    • You must be pursuing your first Associate's Degree or Bachelor’s Degree
    • As part of the C2C program, you cannot be pursuing a certificate, second postsecondary degree, nor a graduate or professional degree.
  10. Have you completed any college degrees?
    • You may answer YES or NO, but if you select YES, you may only have a Certificate. A student can NOT already have an Associate or Bachelor’s degree to qualify.
  11. Student can be enrolling full-time or part-time.

If you answer all the previous requirements as specified, you should see the following C2C Screening questions:

  1. Have you been enrolled in a college or university at any time during the last 24 months?
    • If YES, then student is not eligible for C2C and will not be flagged as a C2C student for consideration.
    • If NO, then:
  2. Are you planning to re-enroll in a college or university through the Complete 2 Compete program?
    • Answer YES to be considered for C2C and click NEXT.
    • If NO, you will not be flagged as a C2C student and will not be considered for the grant.
  3. You will see a new screen with the following statement: You may be eligible for financial assistance through the Complete 2 Compete Grant program if you also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA).
    • Click NEXT to proceed to the Household Verification Worksheet.

If you did not see the C2C Screening questions, please go back and review your answers using the above guidelines. To be flagged as a C2C Grant applicant, you must answer the C2C Screening questions.

How to check on your FAFSA and State Aid application statuses

Please be sure to check the status of BOTH your FAFSA and State Aid applications weekly. If you are required to submit any additional information to complete the State Aid application, you will be notified within your application.

To check the status of your State Aid application:

  • Check the status of your State Aid application (or complete missing documents/information):
    • Go to
    • Select “Check Status (aid year completed) Application.”
    • Enter requested personal information to log in.
  • Review the section titled “Outstanding Documents for the Academic Year”. If you see the statement, “No Outstanding Documents at this Time”, then your application is complete. Examples of outstanding documents may include “FAFSA” or “MS Current Year Tax Return.” Any outstanding documents will be highlighted along with instructions for submission.
  • To be eligible for the C2C Grant, you must provide two forms of documentation to prove Mississippi residency. The preferred residency documents are the Mississippi driver’s license, which can be submitted electronically during the online application, and the FAFSA. Alternate residency documents that will be accepted include the State Tax Return (NOT Federal Tax Return) for the current tax filing year, homestead exemption, voter registration, and vehicle registration. These are the ONLY documents accepted.

If you have questions about your state aid application (missing documents, etc.), please contact the State Aid office at 601.432.6997 or 1.800.327.2980. The State Aid office cannot answer questions about your FAFSA (other than whether or not it has been received), the overall status of your C2C Grant Application, or the disbursement of C2C Grant funds.

C2C Grant Award Process and Timeline

Once both the FAFSA and State Aid applications are in a “complete status”, your complete applications will be referred to the C2C Office. The C2C Office, not the State Aid Office, will then approve or deny your application for the grant.

The approval/denial process can take several days. Once approved, enrollment verification must occur to begin the process of funds being disbursed. After your enrollment has been verified by your C2C Coach, (typically on the last day you can withdraw from classes without academic or financial penalty, could be 1-15 days from beginning of the term), the process for a check to be cut and mailed to the school begins. This can take an additional 7-10 business days. Once the check is received, your institution will follow their own timeline for posting the funds to your account.

If you have questions about this process, please contact your C2C Coach.


A wealth of resources and support are available through the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) for lower income individuals and families. This vital organization provides a wide range of public assistance programs and social services to improve the lives of Mississippians and help them become self-sufficient and engaged in improving their futures.

MDHS provides primary support for the Complete 2 Compete Program and serves as an invaluable resource to adults working to complete their degrees. Discover more about the services MDHS offers.