Complete 2 Compete (C2C) is a statewide initiative designed to help Mississippi adults who have earned college credit – but do not have a degree – better their lives by completing a degree program. Created by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning and the Mississippi Community College Board, the C2C program combines the resources of our state’s 15 community colleges and eight public universities.

You're not alone

Thousands of adult learners may already have enough credits to receive an associate or bachelor’s degree. In fact, data collected during the past 15 years shows:

Complete 2 Compete Overview
  • 32,000 adult Mississippians may have earned enough college credits but were not awarded a postsecondary degree
  • 127,000 adult Mississippians are within a few courses of finishing a degree

How C2C works

C2C makes it easy for adults to review prior credits earned and matches them with an institution that provides the best pathway for obtaining a degree. C2C links adults to a C2C Coach, who works to maximize the application of earned credits toward a degree. For adults who have enough credits for an associate or bachelor’s degree, that degree is awarded. For those just short of a degree, a C2C Coach works to identify the best pathway that meets their goals.

How C2C Works

Who qualifies

C2C is designed for that Mississippi adult learner who has been out of college at least 24 consecutive months and is motivated to take the first steps toward completing their degree. Adult learners will be able to finish their degree with a seamless process eliminating the typical barriers of enrollment.




online classes

online classes & flexible schedules


credit for learning or military experience

financial aid

financial aid: scholarships, discounts & state grants

*Not all offerings are available at all institutions. Contact your C2C Coach for more details.


How to qualify for the C2C Grant

The Complete 2 Compete program offers a C2C Grant for students that qualify for the program. The C2C grant can be used used to pay a past debt to any of our Mississippi public community colleges or universities and assist with enrollment expenses. The C2C Grant totals $500 and is awarded for each qualifying semester.  Learn more about the steps to apply for the C2C Grant.

Your C2C Coach will be able to help guide you through that process if you have questions. Helping to lessen this financial burden will result in more adult learners completing their degrees, allow for better jobs, higher pay, stronger workforce, and more stabilized families.